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So, it’s Monday again. James is in South Africa for a few days (business not pleasure) and Izzy & I are back into the weekly grind. Izzy slept for an extra hour last night, which is almost unheard of for her so she must have been completely pooped after all the weekend shenanigans.

When we were at the farm I raided the farm shop in lieu of a supermarket shop on Sunday afternoon. Such amazing meats, cheese & produce. I bought some sausages for our Monday night dinner – Pork, Apple, Apricot & Ginger – yum, yum, yum!!! I like buying locally produced goods and I am pretty fussy about sausages – you can definitely tell a good sausage from a bad one! Bad ones are greasy & tasteless! These sausages came from a family farm in Suffolk – Lane Farm.

It was quite a quick dinner tonight and I put some sweet potatoes (also from the farm shop) onto boil and some sausages under the grill. Then a quick mash and some peas and we are done. Perfect for mid week! Izzy enjoyed it which was lucky as she ended up with the leftovers for Tuesday night dinner! The sausages were absolutely delicious!


Izzy's cheesy camera smile

Izzy's cheesy camera smile

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