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We very rarely buy steak and so when I did this week I decided to go for the good stuff and buy fillets. To accompany this I chose new potatoes, buttered spinach and salsa verde.

I referred to Jamie for buttered spinach but not surprisingly (given the name) it contained a bit much butter for us. I would definitely make it again but only with a small knob of butter. I left James to cook the steak, that is always his job (so I cannot comment on the actual cooking process) and he came up trumps!

To accompany I went back to Jamie’s first book ‘The Naked Chef’ and dug out the recipe for Salsa verde. Meredith makes a great salsa verde with steak and now nothing else is an option! I do not like cream sauces at all and salsa verde is such a contrast to this as is vibrant, tangy & fresh. It is supposed to be hand chopped finely but to be honest I just do not have the time for that sort of malarkey (as my knife skills are pretty poor!) and so into the Magimix it all went. I only had a run of the mill olive oil to hand too and I think a good quality one would have made a difference. It came out tasty but doesn’t match up to Mer’s! Because I had chucked it into the Magimix it came out more of a pesto texture and the balance was not quite right as it was also a bit vinegary (I realise that is not a word but you know what I mean!). I think it needs some further practice.


Salsa Verde (courtesy of Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef)


1 1/2 – 2 cloves of garlic

1 small handful of capers

1 small handful of pickled gherkins (the ones in sweet vinegar)

6 anchovy fillets

2 large handfuls of fresh flat leaf parsley, picked

1 bunch of fresh basil, picked

1 handful of fresh pint, picked

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

Approx 8 tablespoons your best olive oil

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Finely chop all the ingredients (preferably by hand unless you aiming for the pesto texture!!). Put this mixture into a bowl and add the mustard and red wine vinegar. Slowly stir in the olive oil until you achieve the consistency you are looking for, and balance the flavours with freshly ground black pepper, and if necessary, sea salt and red wine vinegar.

We ended up having to bribe Izzy with jelly to get her to even try the spinach and salsa verde. The good news is that she surprised herself and ended up having a couple of mouthfuls of spinach. She was not taken with the S.V but is probably too strong for her taste buds yet.

The jelly went down a treat and was gobbled up at lightning speed!


Overall I found that this created a bit too many pots and pans for a week night and we ended up running late for bath and bed which meant a few tears from an over tired Izzy.

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