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I like to shop…there I said it! What can I say…it’s in my genes!

Over the years I have gone through stages of what I like to go shopping for – there was the shoe stage, the bag stage, the skirt stage, the DVD stage….these are not exclusive stages but I have definitely gone through times when I am favouring a certain type of item. My latest phase, which has been a good 7 years now, is the cook book stage. I dare not look at my Amazon account and count up how much I have spent over this time on cook books. But, on the flip side, it has been worth every penny. I just love them! My justification is that they are available so cheaply here in the UK. I very rarely ever pay RRP for any book – even Jamie Olivers most recent book was 25 pounds RRP and on the day of release you could pick it up for 10! Back in NZ the same book was about $80, which at todays rate of exchange is about 35 pounds!! Shocking!!! I figure that one day when we head back down under the years of buying cook books will seem like sensible investment buying. Then I might be lucky to buy a couple a year at that sort of price!

I can’t seem to be able to pick up a newspaper or magazine, or watch the TV without reading or hearing about a new recommended cookbook – that just sends me spiralling to Amazon and in about 60 seconds that book is on its way (free super saver shipping of course!!). I love being given cookbooks (and I think everyone has clocked onto this as last year for my birthday my Mum, Sis, Mother in law, Sis & Bro in law and work mates bought me a cookbook!). I love giving them too – matching up the right person to the right book!

The last month has been particularly bad though (especially as we are saving!)…and at last count I had bought about 15 new cookery books..Now do keep in mind this is my thing. I do not have my nails done, I don’t have facials or massages or colour my hair at the salon. I don’t smoke and I don’t spend alot on going out. I don’t buy designer and I have pretty much given up travelling for the moment……..so in my mind I am allowed cookbooks!! After a rubbish day at work this week my spirits were instantly lifted when James said there had been an Amazon delivery for me!!

So many recipes, so little time!! My favourite places for buying cookbooks is Amazon and also The Book People. There are some great bargains to be had! However if you should ever find yourself in Notting Hill in London then look out for Books for Cooks – a great, albeit tight fitting, shop filled to the brim with beautiful cookbooks. Although you may end up paying the RRP it is worth it ever now and then – if for nothing else other than the atmosphere!

On a different note I have spent the last 2 Friday lunchtimes dawdling across London Bridge to my favourite London spot – Borough Market. I am going to try and do this most Fridays as it is just such a joy to remove myself from the rat race for an hour and have some time out. Plus I have found a stall that does the most beautiful salad – crisp leaves, sweet tomatoes, slices of melon, buffalo mozzarella and parma ham dressed with nothing but a drizzle of olive oil and salt & pepper. It is awesome! I then sit in the adjoining church yard and just enjoy the sights and sounds of the market. Bliss!

Finally, it’s been a tiring week for all of us. James snapped this as Izzy and I lay on the couch watching Izzy’s favourite show – Little Einsteins – last night. Izzy had been on an outing for the day with nursery and this is the first time she has ever fallen asleep during her favourite show! Pooped!

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